Fully Booked CCMS

100% Online Childcare Management Service

Innovative, Simple & Powerful

​Fully Booked CCMS is a 100% online childcare management system that helps simplify management of childcare services and the administration of CCMS obligations, bookings, payments and rebates.

It has been built from the ground up to support businesses running multiple services but is designed to support the smallest of services.

Family Website

A dedicated family website that allows parents/guardians to maintain enrolment and payment details, and book their children across multiple services provided by the childcare provider with ease.

CCMS Automation

We'll automatically create and submit enrolments, weekly attendances and vacancy reports to CCMS based on daily attendances. All records are also continuously updated from CCMS on a nightly basis.

Australian owned & supported

Fully Booked has been developed completely in-house and is supported by Australian staff members only. You can be assured that you requests won't be sent offshore.

Bulk Statement & Fee Processing

Allows fully- or semi-automated processes to allow you to bulk generate, review and send out statement notifications, and payments by direct credit/debit.

Flexible Business Rules

Flexible cancellation policies, booking limits, fees and discounts rules which can be set across a date range or individual sessions.

Business Risk Tools

Use built in tools to identify business risks including checklist processes for services to follow on a timelu bases, highlight staff to child ratio notifications, highlight child medical or pickup requirements.

Fully Booked CCMS is an Australian Government  registered CCMS product of Ventiv Pty. Ltd.

​Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run Fully Booked CCMS?

Fully Booked CCMS is a 100% online service which means you only need a computer or laptop installed with a modern web browser and access to the Internet. Fully Booked has also been designed responsively, so it will also work on tablets and mobile devices.

Is Fully Booked CCMS compliant?

Yes, Fully Booked CCMS is an approved CCMS software provider, registered with the Australian Department of Education and Training for all types of childcare services.

How much does Fully Booked CCMS cost?

Fully Booked CCMS is charged based on yearly subscription fee of $500/year per CCB Eligible service or $250/year for other services.
Optional Add-ons
  • Integration with Payment Gateway incurs an additional $50/year per service.
  • Use of the Parent Enrolment & Booking website incurs an additional $100/year per service.

For example, a CCB Eligible service using a payment gateway and Parent Enrolment & Booking Website, will be charged $650/year.

Contact Us

If you are a parent or guardian using the Fully Booked to enrol or book your children into a child care service
and have a question or problem, please contact your child care service's coordinator or account manager.

Otherwise if you are a service provider and wish to know more about how Fully Booked CCMS
can help your business, please just complete the form below and we'll be in touch very soon.